1. Someone take me to Iceland now!

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  2. jossboss:

Hacienda dr #Chinameca #Morelos #Mexico #ingersmorelos


    Hacienda dr #Chinameca #Morelos #Mexico #ingersmorelos

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  3. Anonymous said: To one of the previous asks about various Norse goddesses: Please just remember that it's Frigg, not Frigga; the later version is mostly only used in the Marvel comics universe where they for some odd reason felt the need to add an a to the name.


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  4. Anonymous said: The fear side to the Vote no campaign is such bullshit, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India have all walked this path before and prospered in way more uncertain circumstances because the British government respected our desire to self govern and gave us everything we needed to get going. The only difference with Scotland is Westminster is openly hostile to the idea and would probably broker a shitty deal with the Scots to try and prove that it was a bad idea all along.


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  5. valhallawaits said: Frigga, Freya, Skadi, Hel, Idunn, Nanna, and Sif are the ones that immediately come to mind, any of them are great choices, just depends what you want to write your paper about


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  6. photo






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  7. inmemoryof-satan said: Hello! I am currently in a Goddess Culture in Asian Traditions class at my University. I have to write a 10-20 page research paper on a Goddess from another culture that we do not cover in class. I was wondering if you or any of your followers have any suggestions for someone in either the Norse or Celtic traditions? Thanks!

    Well there are some pretty badass goddesses in Norse religion and mythology (also in Celtic, but to be honest I’m not that versed on that subject).

    My favorite is Freyja and her cat-drawn carriage: 

    I advice you to take a look at the awseome and resourceful Norse Mythology Blog to see if they have anything on this subject. And you could also check fuckyeahnorsemythology out.

    Also, if someone of my followers as any more suggestions/resources, put them in an ask and I’ll post them (but probably tomorrow, ‘cause right now I’m going to bed).

    Good Luck!

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  8. Anonymous said: the scottish side of me wants independence... but the english side of me thinks it's a REALLY bad idea

    I can agree to that.

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  9. fuckyeahmrduck said: Salmond is a massive con artist, he can go on all day about how much he wants economic independence. Next sentence he wants a currency union so all the parameters of his economy will still be decided in London.


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